Thursday, April 1, 2010

Amsterdam - The last leg of my Europe tour

So I was in Amsterdam in the last leg of my tour. 2 more nights before I headed back to KL. What a better way than to spend it with my GOOOOOOOOOOD BBUUUDDDDDDY who flew from Germany with her bf.

We toured the red light district as night. As photo shooting was forbidden in most places, we had to sneakily get Cal to pose and take a pic, hence the bad quality of pics here! It was truly an eye opener looking at the chics displaying themselves behind glass windows, calling out to potential customers.

The next day, of course the alchoholics us had to visit the heineken brewery, and I must say, it was prob one of the best things we could have done in Amsterdam. HAHAHAHAHAh!

Our Euro 15 ticket entitled us to 2 fresh from the tap Heinekens. In the brewery we had a glimpse of how beer is brewed, obviously and learned a bit about the history.

A glass of thirst quenching Extra Cold Heini.......

We also made a trip to the ice bar where the temperature was set to a negative 10 and with euro 16, you get 2 free drinks.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, at Euro 14.50 for a ticket to the Van Gogh musuem, the Louvre in Paris was better value for money.

had to be kiasu and make a trip to the hard rock cafe to get a t - shirt that shouts Hard Rock Amsterdam!

We also took a canal cruise for the sake of taking pictures around the city....slow but enjoyable ride on the hop on hop off canal bus although we did not exactly hop off cause we were feeling sooooo sleepy.

And...finally I have to totally recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Amsterdam that boasts the best steaks in town and indeed, it is really good!!
visit for more information.
Spuistraat 3 C-D1012 SP AMSTERDAM, Netherlands020 4218695

There you go folks. That's it. Will be giving you guys a summary of the entire tour sometime before I wrap up the entire tour of my lifetime.
And it's back to sheer hard work next week in Taipei!


calene said...

what's with the "goooooooooooood buddddddddddddddddddy"

you make it sound sarcastic :(

i'm hurt :'(

Siao Yue said...

cal: i sincerely mean it worrrr!!! cant wait for u to get back here :)georgy looked at my souvenir like one kind yest..hahaha BUT he did not even bring out our bali stuff!

calene said...

that's coz i think there is *NO* bali stuff

he's gonna have to vomit some out now!