Wednesday, March 31, 2010


At the end of our guided tour, I extended my trip to Paris and spent a very very rushed 4 days there.

I arrived into Paris city itself at approximately 6 ish in the evening and how else better than to spend the next 2 days on the hop on hop off bus, taking you to see the major attractions of the city.

Where the moulin rouge movie was shot..

The Paris Nord, busiest train station in the entire Europe....

And the louvre. I speat 1/2 a day walking inside as my mom was too busy shopping in LaFayette to want to accompany me to see some paintaings (which is definitely not enough- i only did the paintings). And of course, my first stop was to go check out the Mona Lisa which took me maybe 20 minutes to locate. And u had to push ur way through the crowd to take a decent picture of it. Tickets priced at E9.50, definitely more worthwhile than the Van Gogh musuem in Amsterdam!

The Notre Dam...

A view of some bridge from the bus...

The very famous shopping street, Champs Elysees - did not manage to shop here due to time constraint.
Don't think I need to explain further what the tower below is...when I saw the queue to go up the Eiffel, I just gave up!

On the last day, before taking the train to Amsterdam, I had breakkie in Fauchon Paris. All I can say is, for the price u pay, it's definitely worth every cent!!

Due to my last minute shopping, I nearly missed the train...hahah so my advice is, if taking the train and unsure of your way around the station, PLEASE DO GO EARLY! hehehehe..I got there 45 mins earlier to collect my tickets but the self service kiosks did not recognize my booking.......thank god for the 25 minute delay in the train!
XoXo, till my next post - final stop in europe...Amsterdam with Cal and Yugin where we started drinking at 12 in the heineken brewery!

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