Sunday, March 28, 2010


My last Spanish destination before heading off to Portugal for the final of my 15 days tour with Tralfagar ended in Sevilla. Of all the places, I guess this had to be my favourite. The beautiful seceneries topped with shopping. Don't ask me why we did not shop in Madrid earlier on!

That night we were treated to a spectacular Flamenco. They say you have not come to Sevilla unless u have watched the Flamenco.

The famous bull ring in Sevilla.
Very very good food. Apparently the owner's son wanted to marry my friend, Cathy. I won't mind living in Sevilla but apparently it gets up to 45 degrees in the summer.

Wonder why some people are turned off by the sight of hanging cured hams. They're soooooo yummy.

The Cathedral that houses the real Christopher Columbus' tomb.

And the tomb itself - already proven to have the real CC inside.
Nothing beats a stroll down Maria Luisa park on a chilly morning.
I have not been able to blog properly on my Europe trip for the past 3 weeks due to limited internet connection. Now that I'm back home, after my final post in Europe, prop another 3 more to go - Paris, Amsterdam and Lisboa, I will prepare a summary of the entire trip!
And here's signing off with a horse cart. XoXo

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