Friday, March 26, 2010

Ourika Valley, Marrakesh

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of posts lately. It's because it's so difficult to get free wifi in Europe. Even when I'm paying Euro 8 in Amsterdam for 24 hrs, the connection sucks big time.

I'm finally going back tomorrow after 3 weeks away from home.

Now only do I get the chance to blog about my adventures in Marrakesh - Ourika Valley. We had the chance to visit a Berber family in the outskirts of town and get a feel of their humble lifestyle and taste freashly made bread and mint tea.

Berber kids!

The steam room! How much do you pay for gym membership and be able to use the steam bath. Here's a DIY one!

In this Berber house lives 4 generation of people under one roof.

The old lady of the house who's 70 graciously serving us mint tea. The frangrance and the aroma of the mint tea served here is something you will not be able to find in the shops outside.

Here's really yummy bread with olive oil and honey and homemade butter. Do u know they do not live with refridgerators! sweeeeet!

And the cooking area.

I'm keeping this post really short as I just came back from the Ice Bar in Amsterdam and doing some last minute packing before leaving for home tomorrow morning.......I will really miss my fun holiday.
XoXo till my next post!

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