Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The last of my 15 days tour in Spain, Portugal and Morocco ended with a 2 nights stay in Lisbon, Mariott Hotel. (After which Paris and Amsterdam was entirely on my own)

The magnificent Hieronymite Monastery with Vasco Da Gama's tomb. ( I hope I am correct with this as I was halfasleep when visiting our 1001th church/cathedral)

Belem tower....

The Fado - portugese singing and dancing. I found it sooooooo utterly boring I had to walk out halfway just after dinner, not even 1/2 into their performance!

At Sintra visiting the summer palace...

...and just will u look at this kitchen. Amazing....every housewife's dream!

On the way to Cascais...a stunning view from the bus on the Altantic Ocean

I have this thing for taking maccas pictures everywhere I go. The McRoyal in Portugal. Ok tasting only-la.

Yummy shroom tapas for our farewell dinner as the tour comes to an end.

And the best way to end a Sunday and the end of the tour is some tequillas and beer with some new found friends in the Mariott bar! whalalalala!

I have genuinely enjoyed my 15 days tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco with Tralfagar and strongly recommend anyone with intention to follow a tour group. Although I must say that there were too many optionals that we had to pay for. The optional dinners however, are something we did not regret going to..cept the Fado of course! I will sum up the entire trip in the next few posts.
Xoxo..till my next post.....the romantic city of Parieeeeee!


J said...

FAIL lah u - Why did you eat Mcdonalds in Portugal? ....

Siao Yue said...

J: It's a thing i need to do when i go somewhere new....hahahah

I had maccas in Holland also...wanted to try mcarabia in morocco but no time only!