Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm gonna make this post really quick and brief as I have approximately 1/2 hr before the battery on my laptop totally dies off. Imagine this..all the cables are loaned out and even the shop selling them is out of stock! BTW, I'm currently in this town called Costa Del Sol. Very beautiful place and our hotel is overlooking the Mediterranean sea. More pics once I cross into Morocco tomorrow and get my internet access.

Some palace in Spain..

Plaza Mayor..apparently the meeting point for most spaniards..

Where the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombing took place...

At El escorial...

Just check out the snow capped mountains at the back. Simply stunning!

El Escorial - the royal monasteries, I've never seen so many royal coffins in one place before! We had an excellent guide who took us through a very informative 2 1/2 hr walk across the monastery!
Pity that picture taking was forbidden everywhere inside...
At the point where picture taking was still allowed!

Outside the Opera house. Waiting for our 7.30 pm dinner at a nearby cosy and quaint little restuarant. For 51 Euros, they serve you bubbly, free flow of wines, starters, main and the dessert. Oh they even had some 'opera-ish' singer entertaining us.

Err...yeah my duck liver pate...YUMMMM...

All right, battery's almost dead. Adios folks......till my next post on the stunning and magnificient Toledo!!

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