Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Morning Amsterdam!!

I got into Amsterdam about 6 am yesterday. Met a kind Malay dude on board who was nice enough to show us the way to board the train to Amsterdam Central. Weather was only at 1 degrees yesterday and expected to drop to a negative 3 today!

My very first impresssion of the Land of Heinekens!!

Our hotel for the first 2 nights before we leave to Spain, Portugal and Morocco to start our tour with Trafalgar Tours -NH Schiller, situated right outside the Rembrantplein Tram stop and very convenient to move around. Too bad Cal is not here to check out the bars with me. Jet lagged I slept from 8 pm - 7am this morning and hence, blogging at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning.

The hotel did not allow check in before 3pm as it was also running on a 100% occupancy rate. Therefore, Mum and I began our 'adventures' in Amsterdam by trying out their McDonalds. Trying at least 1 burger from McDonalds in every coutry that I visit is a must for me. (McDees in the Netherlands beats the Maharaja burger in India anytime!!!)

Unable to check in, we took a 1/2 day tour with Lindbergh to Edam, Voledam and the Windmill Village about 1/2 hr from the city - showing us the Dutch polders, little canals, interesting windmills and so forth. Tour costs abt Euro 32 pp for a 1/2 day tour.

The tour also took us to a cheese farm where cheese is still made the traditional way. And yes. the shopaholic us came back with Euro 115 worth of cheese. Pesto, Herb & Garlic, Aged Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Cheese slicer/ cutter etc....Our guide recommended us to try cheese with the Honey Mustard. Which we did. Sampled the various cheese with the Honey Mustard. Yummmmm!!!!!! We also went next door to see how they make clogs.
We proceeded to the fishing village of Volendam for a quick lunch and sightseeing. (Cause mom's been bugging me to find the place that we can see eels. I have no idea why)

And yes, I did find some eels but smoked ones. Extremely yummy tasting and when asked, our guide mentioned that the vacuumed ones probably can only be obtained from the airport.
Last stop before the tour ends - the windmill village.
Feeling jet lagged, I slept from 8pm till 7 am this morning.....and this is the view from my hotel room at 8 am.
..and this marks the end of day 1 in Amsterdam.
More posts to come when I decide I am rich enough to pay for Euro 10.75 per day internet....he he!


Juke said...

Unbelievable - not many ppl are fortunate as you babe to have travel so many places at 1 time and have a Blueberry...not bad huh.

Juke said...

By now u shld have left Amsterdam but strange that u did not mention the dark side of it...i mean the red light district. Can send some pix for us to...errr...enjoy. Sorry to sound like a ****head.

Can i ask...are u working now? Or taking leave?Your boss must be really nice to let u off for so many days touring 2 different continents of the world. It should take u at least 2 weeks if you are not travelling with tourgroup.

Siao Yue said...

juke: yeah in spain..headed towards morocco....haha the dark side..i'm waiting till 2 weeks later when I meet my friends there to check it will come then!

taking leave la......saved my leave from 2009!