Monday, March 29, 2010

The Medinas in Fes

The biggest Medina (old city) in Morocco with more than 20,000 little streets inside.

We made a visit to this Medina and to make sure everyone in the tour got out safely from the narrow alleys, we needed a guide in the front and some 'usher' at the back.

The shops in the medinas remind you of life in the 14th century.

Here's a peddlar selling snails in a little shop.

People use donkeys in the Medinas to cart their wares and stuff around as as means of transport.

One of the bigger 'corporations' selling carpets.

..and shoes...

and this is the tannery..

3 guesses for what shop this is!!!
..and that everyone, is the real estate agent in the medina. Cool eh!
XoXo..coming up- Portugal

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