Sunday, March 14, 2010

Costa Del Sol & Mijas

Before heading towards Morocco, we stayed a night at this Mediterranean Resort in Costa Del Sol (city of Terremolinos) - Melia Hotel overlooking the Mediterranean, which was just awesome!!! Too bad at 16 degrees it was almost impossible for any beach activities, let alone sunbathe!

This town is famous for their sardines grilled over charcoal and lightly salted. Delicious. A plate of 7 sardines cost about Euro 7.

With such chilly weather, no beach activities were possible. So we opted for a tour to the village of Mijas (located at the mountain side) for some sightseeing and shopping. A village famous for its donkey -taxis.

A mini bull ring in Mijas.

There is something really wrong with uploader in FB or could be the snail paced internet over in Morocco. Will try to upload the complete set of pics when I get better connection!
Till then XoXo


J said...

So did you try riding the donkey? :)

Siao Yue said...

J: Nopes!....cannot ride it la