Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taipei - 3 whole weeks!

In case ur wondering, no, I'm not dead yet. The lack of posts is simply because I have been so tired after Europe I virtually did nothing except unpacking and then packing for my 3 weeks job stint in Taipei. Tried out Daikanyama twice in the past week and absolutely loved it. Yeah, no photos this time around as I was , well just too lazy! Also tried out No Black Tie over the weekend and it was a great jazzy experience.

Anyway, I'm pretty stressed out in Taipei atm and bogged down with work, therefore won't be blogging until sometime later in the week. Down with the flu bug due to the sudden change in temperature AGAIN. I'm trying my best not to overstuff myself with the ever-s0-famous Taiwanese snacks. So guess what my biggest motivation will be!
Will be making a day trip to the beautiful Taroko Gorge over the weekend. Found a really cheap package. Hopefully it's all worth it!


Juke said...

hey, shall i give u a new nic....nomad?

Siao Yue said...

juke: i'm staying put in KL for a bit after this! he he