Friday, December 11, 2009

Han Yang Kagaya Restaurant

Things out of the norm do seem to cross my path whenever I am in Jakarta:- terrorist attacks, guns and last night was no exception. As I was happily dishing into my appetizers at the Korean restaurant (which BTW was fantastic), I heard a loud 'Thhummp' and all the waiters and waitresses rushing towards the stairs with wet tissues and serviettes.

We then found out that a really drunk (Korean) man had fallen and rolled down the stairs and hit on something, he started to bleed. When I managed to catch a glimpse of the man, had 2 ppl carry him out of the restaurant in his blood stained shirt, was that drunk, I think he was unaware of his fall!!!! He obviously looked oblivious to his surrounding.

And...back to my korean feast last night at the Han Yang Kagaya Restaurant. I had chosen Korean simply because there's already a pretty good Jap rest in my hotel and kinda sick of Indonesian food, so William (ex unimate, project mate, study mate at Monash) suggested Han Yang.

I read in a review that it's one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Jakarta and very generous with their FOC appetizers. They were right. We had salad, baby corn, clams with salad, tofu, fish cakes, spinach, kim chi (2 plates), steam eggs, marinated cucumbers, pan fried eggs with (something)....

My favourites, the kimchi and the clam with salad dish..

(I won't be able to remember all the Korean names as I left the ordering to William) We started off with our first main, the beef soup with glass noodles. Very rich in taste and generous with their portions.

Other than my regular Jap / Korean rest in Hartamas, I've not found any other place in KL which serves better Cow/ Ox tongue. This is the first time I'm having it in Jakarta and I just have 3 words for it. Just as awesome!!! :)

We had another beef and pork dish and that was all we had for dinner!

For the price we paid for dinner (RP605K ++ for 2 pax), they served us free drinks, appetizers and dessert. Not something you can and would eat on a daily basis but definitely worth the try if you're down in Jakarta, and if you're feeling pretty sick of Indon food.

Address: Jl Senopati No.43C, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 5212522

Food: 8.5/10

Service: 7/10
Ambience: 6.5/10

Price: 6/10

p/s: 'AwfullyChocolate' is just beside this restaurant and they serve the best banana chocolate cake. (Better than Zang Toi's signature banana choco cake). Can't wait to try the 6 dark chocolate tartlets I got from there.

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Sass said...

oooo i do love this place! the last time fel and i went it cost us abt RP1million-ish...hahahaha.

needless to say its not a place we frequent but its got amazing meat and side dishes.