Thursday, December 31, 2009

1/2 day trip to Melaka

Went to Melaka for a makan-makan and jalan-jalan trip yesterday with the family.
We got into Jonker street at about 12.30 and were famished.

And to our horror, the famed Chung wah coffeeshop which serves one of the best Chicken Rice Balls in Melaka was soooooo crowded. That's us at the back of the queue (picture 1).

Overheard some Hong Kong tourists asking, ' Why is this shop soooo crowded? Is it the location or the food is that great?' While saying this, he was looking at the uncle chopping the chicken behind the glass (see picture 2), which obviously did not seem very appetizing and hygenic.

Check out my post from last year on this shop for more pictures
I do think somehow that quality of food has deteriorated from then.

Taking a stroll down Jonker street under scorching sun is not exactly my idea of fun.
Found my favourite 'ting ting' sweets. 3 street smart kids selling them at RM3 a bag.
We went to Melaka for 3 reasons:- chicken rice balls, nyonya food and pork satay of which we only managed to accomplish 2 due to time constraint.
According to couzzie WF, this pork satay shop has moved 3 times during her last few visits and we had trouble locating it again. (Now, it's situated opposite some school)..ask around for directions!!

The workers hard at work, preparing the skewers.

Mouth watering pork satay with lard that you can't get enough of. But a bit pricey for the price of RM0.55 you're paying for these mini lil skewers. 5 of us had about 40 sticks.

Yeah, so that was it folks.

And....with this I end my last post for 2009 and a link to the world's best airline letter. (have a good laugh -it's hee-la-rious, I swear)

May 2010 be full of wealth, joy and happiness for everyone. Say goodbye to a sucky 2009.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE..and enjoy a beer on behalf of me tonight!

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