Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My 5 days in Hong Kong

2 crazy nights out with my ex uni mates, ex housemate, ex colleague, present colleague

1 annual dinner
1 beautiful wedding
And I'm finally back in town!

Still recuperating from the extremely exhaustive 5 days so no pics and I'm feeling extremely lazy as well.

Ok well, maybe just 1. This is me and JerJer, my housemate of 4 years while still at Uni in Melbourne. We're at LKF, Hong Kong. He reckons he looks like 'Ah Wong' (you know, the TVB series starring Kwok Chun Onn).

I'm so proud of myself. This time I hardly did any shopping in Hong Kong!

XoXo for today!


Juke said...

Shit...JerJer thinks he looks like HK Star Kwok Chun Onn...plllllsssssss la! I thought who is that Ah Beng standing so affectionately close to a beauty. Luckily i had my dinner much earlier...if not wasted all. Look at his name...Jer cantonese it means Dick...yes D I C K. Guess he looks more like a NERD. Honestly!

Siao Yue said...

hello juke: hehe:) he meant his hair..not the looks! and yes, we're fully aware what jerjer means...:) but it's just something we or rather i've been calling him since the uni days!