Thursday, December 25, 2008

Awesome, Funsome Christmas Night 2008 at WIP, BSC

The night started off a bit slow for some of us while waiting for everyone to turn up at WIP Bangsar Shopping Centre for Christmas Eve Countdown.

WIP had a rather interesting way to celebrate Christmas. All of us were meant to write our wishes on a piece of paper and tie it to a balloon. Upon the stroke of midnight, everyone was to release their balloons into the air, hoping that wishes would come true. What did I wish for? Secret la, where can tell or else it won't come true!

I like this shot of Hedz and Sooyin......Hedz's wish for 2009,"I don't want to be called GAY anymore. After all, I did make it to the Top 50 of Cleo Bachelor 2008!!!"

Sooyin's wishes to meet more hunky divers...I think her wish came true la..Hedz is currently learning to dive...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

It was also Daniel and Shyan's brithday, so it's always tradition to down the flaming. I reckon the flaming is a little overpriced in WIP for RM65 (if i remembered correctly, as compared to only RM39 in Bar Savanh 2, Mont Kiara when we celebrated Cal's Birthday)

Daniel the yellowChimp and his mini Birthday cake....from SWEET leh (I mean his friends, considering he thought I wore a PYJAMAS to a Christmas Eve party, the cake should be on his face instead!)

And trust Jack jack to liven up a party with all his antics!

First, he made everyone stand in circles to take pictures??!??

Then, he wanted me to do a sexy pose with the cherry..but I think I din pull it off very nicely...HA HA

After that pose failed, he reckon I would do a better job posing as a GHOST...(From this picture, I know I badly need a haircut..)

Here's one of Jackjack trying to be macho...and errr...Hedz can't hide his gay fetishes very well...

I swear me and cal did not plan to end up wearing red shoes....(see I finally have the chance to wear my Charles and Keith). But she thought she had better taste because AT LEAST she wore a matching skirt, unlike my pyjamas!)

Teresa and Cal, childhood buddies...

Yes, and finally one decent shot of the guys! (yeah and in case ur wondering, Hedz is holding de invisible glass)

P/S: I have a video of 2 people salsa-ing away very happily last night. The 2 ppl...hmmmmm...depends how you bribe me or else, the video will be up here veeerrryy soon!!!!!


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