Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Being stood up twice!!!!

So what happens when you have been stood up by someone twice , for 2 days in a row??????!!!???

Well, you can wish upon the stars that it doesn't happen for the third time, three days in a row...

Yes..wishing reeaallllll hard
Or you can buy a voodoo doll, plaster his face there and poke, poke, poke him...for making you wait.....poke his stomach to get tummy aches, poke the forehead to give him migraines, poke his fingers so he can't MSN anymore..muahahahah
Or perhaps, you can even play around with Photoshop (AND BLOG at least make him feel bad..muahahahah)...and let him know that's how bored you are!!!!!!! Yes, I'm a Adobe Photoshop dummy, I've just managed to install it at home and still trying playing around with it!
Yes, my first lame attempt at photoshopping a sake cup..
Or perhaps even multistask and watch 'The Duchess' by Keira Knightely while trying to get the hang of the Adobe Photoshop...
.......but I think nothing beats trying to fiddle around with your new Christmas toy when you're being stood up and tomorrow's a public holiday!!!!!!! The Lomo Fisheye 2...maybe should try it at Cal's birthday pah-tee tomorrow...

Thank u and Muuuuuuaaaakkkkss

..XOXO folks