Saturday, December 20, 2008

Parkson Pavillion Christmas Party

So I finally realized that it was a Christmas party after all at Parkson Pavillion with performances by Jesters and Christmas Carolling. I'm sure Papa and George had a great time with all the wines served!!!

Although I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed with the snail paced serving of finger food and freee floooooooooooowwww......

Some of my purchases....

But all is compensated....upon spending RM200 and above, we get a voucher worth RM50 which can be redeemed on the spot...And get a random door gift....I got ANNA SUI nail polish and mascara....lovely!!!!!!

Upon spending Rm300, we're in the running for the RM1800 worth of Chanel Products Grand Prize... tell me who won't be eyeing that!!!

And other freebies for the night!!!
Yes, typical Malaysians, never fail to be the first in line for free samples...

Guess who walked away with the Grand Prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Psstt......see Kevin, it's the power of 'The Secret'. So now you should quickly read the book I sent to you!!!!!!)

P/S: Cal, Mama and Miki (Mama's soon to be Sister in Law) each chose something from the gift!! Christmas is the time to share and care!!!!

Everyone went home happy!!!! (probably with the exception of Papa who was trying some perfume and broke the sample bottle!!!!)

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