Thursday, December 4, 2008

Near Miss

This is my second post today.

I almost collided with a TAXI today.

Was cruising along the small road, nearing my 3pm meeting destination. All of a sudden, this GREEN TAXI with obviously a moronic driver dashes out of the T Junction without any warning.

I braked real hard. My handbag flew out of the seat, my files fell off the seat, my magazines fell with a thud to the floor. I horrrrrneed like a maniac at the As*H*Le - too bad I don't have those lorry horns. The dumb F**K must have got a shock of his life and braked and stopped his vehicle in the middle of the two lane road, causing me to swerve to the left and almost hitting the lamp post. I managed to take a good look at the driver's face - wrinkly faced uncle with white hair..............I'm not sure he even noticed my killer stares but at least he lifted his hand and gave me that apolegetic wave.

I must have missed both the lamp post and the moron by inches.

WHAT A DAY..i am still a little shaken.

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