Friday, April 10, 2009

A Damn Good Motto!!!!

Look what wall deco I found today after gym - just RM15.90 at Folio.....I just had to buy it! Pretty self explanatory - I am going to live by this motto!

And when you're feeling not that great- and a very kind colleague buys you your favourite miracle blackhead removers - from the SaSa vouchers she won from a recent contest, you become less dejected! Thank you mimi! B-Liv Off With Those Heads pro sebum gel. This is my second bottle and I swear this gel does wonders to your complexion and reduces your visits to the beautician!!

Costs Rm189 and is one of SaSa's Best Seller so far.

And how else better to focus on other things by buying all the vampire series from Stephanie Meyer. I won't get pictures of the handsome Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) from the movie Twilight, but at least I'll be engrossed in the books and waiting for the sequel to Twilight movie. Damn I love that show.
And if you think that falling out of love is bad, think again. I've just bought the book written by Yvonne Foong, a Malaysian patient diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis. Be thankful we're blessed with a normal life, surrounded by great friends and family and have the basic necessities in life.

Good night folks. It has been a rough week for me. XoXo.

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