Saturday, April 25, 2009

My cousin the chef!

My cousin, WF, deserves a Michelin star for whipping up this feast for us last night!

Pictures tell a thousand words.............4 hours of preparation, my mom as the 'supervisor', me as the salad leaves 'decorator' (which they later complained it was awful presentation and re-did it)

Cousin hard at work seasoning the asparagus..

Rock melon salad with prawns..... simply mouthwatering!

Apple Wasabi Salad with some dried cranberry on top..

Ta-dah.....the main uncle Paul who has just returned from Australia puts it...the best beef he's ever tried in Malaysia..

Aged since 2008....roasted to perfection!

Finally...our grilled prawns before dessert....

This is why even going to the gym 3 times a week ain't gonna help!!!

This is also proof you don't need to spend RM500 for fine dining!

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