Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunset Grill and Pub

For supper, Kelvin took me to this really far out place for chicken wings - here's obviously someone who loves chicken wings as much. We had to drive for >20 minutes into some really secluded area for his much raved about wings. The road into the restaurant was pitch dark and for a moment I thought he was gonna 'sell' me off.

As can be seen from the address below, the restuarant is situated in an airbase next to the runway.

So what's that great about this restaurant. Apparently they have deep fried and BBQ wings. We took 1/2 a dozen 3 wings each. The BBQ wings have 10 levels of spicyness and I was told most people stop at level 3 - after level 10 it automatically jumps to a level 30 and if u successfully eat the wings your name is permanently plastered on their boards and you get a certificate for it. He originally ordered Level 3 but me trying to be the hero told him to go for the 5 immediately. I think I slightly regretted my decision. Every level higher you opt for, you add an additional SGD 1.
With the horrid weather lately, I would have expected to be drenched in sweat and attacked by mozzies since we were seated under a big tree, but it was surprisingly cooling with no mozzies!
We both settled for a beer each - I strongly recommended Kelvin to try the Little Creatures Pale Ale which is my all time favourite while I just had a Tiger draft and minutes later, we were served with our wings.

The normal fried chicken wings were so-so. Nothing to 'waaahh' and 'oooh' about.
And this is our Level 5 chicken wings. ...the minute I sunk my teeth into the wings....nah..not much feeling. After about 30 seconds the sensation kicks in and you can't stop drinking water. It literally burns your lips - and considering I am a chilli padi person...I cannot imagine the brave souls who attempt level 30
This is me after 2 bites.... looking so sexy with my pouty lips!
We also ordered a basket of fried mushrooms which were pretty 'yummy'.
And when I saw this board, I suddenly felt ashamed of only attempting Level 5 chicken wings.
Total bill came up to about SGD65 for 3 plates of 1/2 dozen wings and 2 glasses of beer.
Overall it was a pretty enjoyable experience and I wouldn't mind coming back again to try a higher level, but Kelvin isn't so game....hmmmmmmmmm.
On the way, I can't help being a sua-koo and made Kelvin stop his car to let me take picture of this plane.

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