Sunday, April 5, 2009

A trip to the fortune teller..

Feeling bored this morning I decided to take a trip to the fortune teller. Over the years, I've seen many clairvoyants, fortune tellers etc. but nothing can beat the surprise I was in for today.

This lady is SPOT ON - as in 99%. Klang gangster girl, Sean recommended me to visit her and until now I've finally got the chance.

Just as I sat down and gave her some details - she started by saying that I was born with a good life - career and money wise. No worries!

However, the only thing that I will 4eva or at least for a majority of my life have 'weak' luck is in relationship with my significant half- be it man, woman or even animal or maybe even Bert. Well, I'm not going to bore you in depth about what she said. She even told me something that I totally had zero, nada, nil clue and was confident enough to tell me - you can choose not to believe me but it's all written all over your lifeline - of course which I will never find out unless I choose to ask the person involved (it NEVER occured to be that I would be BETRAYED in this manner). I swear my eyes must have bulged to double its size when she told me that. She also mentioned that recently 'someone' came into my life who could have given me the happiness I wanted, but at a price to pay - and her description of him - even I could not believe my ears on her preciseness!

I am not hard selling this lady - but she has indeed woken me up from my fairy tale and given me answers to a lot of things, about my character, my past and my present.

If you are really interested to look her up - it's Amy. 03 7727 0450. Her shop is somewhere opposite the Atria shopping centre parking lot. The signboard outside her little shoplot reads 'Amy Hairlines Unisex Saloon'.(yeah apparently you can also get your hair done after a fortune telling session!)

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