Monday, April 13, 2009

Nonsense Friends

Last week I had a friend call me up for lunch tomorrow - after what seems like endless 'aeroplanes', empty promises, my busy schedule, his nonsensical entertaining client nights!

Then I realized I'm auditing in another town, so I sent him an sms to cancel lunch unless he could make it to the other side of the highway. Instead of going towards Kepong on the LDP, take a detour and go towards Puchong. No....he called me give me some shit about the one being stood up! Then he confessed, maybe he could not have made it for lunch either!

Then came the main purpose of the call - I am bored -lah!. To which i replied, 'Let's go yum cha!', to which he said 'can't la'

He suggested - let's go for a movie sometime!...I suggested Sniper, K-20..etc. no..toooo action packed. I gave so many other suggestions and some of the really lame excuses I got were - 'crap movie - I will end up bugging you throughout the movie wor'. Then came his brilliant suggestion , 'I want a movie as good as Titanic! Finally he suggested some sob romantic Chinese love story (to accomodate my tastes..uhuh) on a Wednesday which I told him ' NO IT's BADMINTON NIGHT!'. But nooo..he insisted he's busy the rest of the week - only wednesdays! (And told me not to lie to him that i actually play badminton..duhhhhhhh) To which I retorted,'YA OK SO WEDNESDAY I GO PRE-PAY THE MOVIE TICKETS NOW!!!' And guess what!! My nonsense fren just laughed sheepishly over the phone, 'Umm..he he he confirm later ah!!!!'

All of a's call u back later...buh byeeeeeeeeeee



calene said...

i'm thinking how to bail on badminton this ar?

Siao Yue said...

cal: speeccchlessssssssssssss

Anonymous said...

SY: you play what?? :P

and why you speechless at Calene? you were going to bail on her to watch movie..

Siao Yue said...

scoresby stalker a.k.a kevin: yes as a matter of fact, I'm trying to lead a healthy lifestyle oooh! haha my movie watching suggestion for wednesday was meant to have some sarcasm in my remark leh!